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These are layouts that have been retired but are too nice to remove from the website altogether. Happy memories!

Dudley Moor [EM]
Started in 2008, the layout is set in West Yorkshire, near the dark satanic mills of Bradford. The era is 1960's during the Beeching cuts to 1970 diesel era. This allows the layout to run a wide mixture of locomotives from steam to early green diesels, but some of the new corporate era blue diesels may make an appearance. The station throat starts the scene passing the coal drops these are a central feature of the area. Crossing the road bridge which passes the busy chippy up the hill passed the terrace row leading to the outskirts of the town, looking down on to the allotments at the bottom of the cutting, the line continues past the mill into the goods yard.

The layout is an end to end style, with fiddle yards on each end. The middle section is scenery with many different levels including embankments, bridges, ginnels and snickets. Dudley Moor is built to EM gauge standards which stands for eighteen millimetres, however the track gauge is 18.2mm, wired to group expectations, Modelled to club critic’s standards, the layout measures 3' x 24' 6" overall with the scenic section in the middle. The layout appeared in the Railway Modeller earlier this year. Sold 


Jesmon River Railroad (2mm)

Inspired by two bridges crossing each other in the Rockies, this innovative layout was a trompe l'oel
as trains appeared from one tunnel to disappear into the next.  It comprised a single track main line
running multiple trains controlled electronically to avoid collisions.  Long trains hauled by multiple locos
in a sweeping landscape was the name of the game here.

Eidiger-Eller [HO]

Eidiger-Eller modeled the crossing point of the Mosel at the small station serving the two villages of the
same names, and was esentially a stretch of double track between two tunnels. The layout featured full
DCC and sound operation.

 With DCC and full sound, an express roars from the tunnel 



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