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Ahrtalzweiubruck [7mm]

Referred as Zweibrück by the locals Ahrtalzweibrück is a small town situated in the upper
reaches of the Ahr Valley. The river Ahr is a northern tributary to the Rheine and offers varied
landscapes and "the best red wine in Europe!" The Ahr river reaches the Rheine a little to the
south of Remagen. The railway first came to Zweibrück in 1882 as the Ahr valley route opened up.
The route was extended westwards in 1888 to terminate at Adenau not far from the site of the
Nürburgring. The railway was a real improvement to the life style of most of the Ahrtalers as it
provided safe and cheap transport up and down the valley and links with the new lines (1924) from
Liblar as well as the Rheine valley route at Remagen

The 1924 route into the Ahr valley from Köln via Liblar opened in 1924 on the completion of the
last viaduct near Ahrweiler. Through this was to have been a double track structure like the rest
of the line, however route engineering limitations after WW1 meant that it was completed as single
track. After the second war and the destruction in the Spring of 1944 of most earthworks beyond Zweibrück,
including damage to the 800m Kreuzberg tunnel, restoration of the original routes were not economically feasible
and so the Ahrtalbahn routes terminated at Ahrtalzweibrück and except for an inspection door the old tunnel was
sealed. Despite the war much of the line from Liblar, built for strategic reasons in the early 20th century survived
and trains from Zweibrück could access the branch as far as Rommerskirchen

Up to the early 1960's the line saw a new lease of life even though the route beyond Ahratalzweibrück was not reinstated.
In 1963 the Rommerskirchen route beyond Dernauhoch was closed and lifted to make way for the new A61 autobahn.
The longest tunnel on the line beyond Dernau has since seen a new use in the cultivation of large crops of mushrooms.
Today (1967) Ahrtalzweibrück has settled into a level of importance that continues to surprise the inhabitants and is totally
different from when the railway arrived in 1882. There is now regular rail access to Remagen and because of the development
of specialised engineering works, viticulture research and production and the regular large mushroom crops, the truncated
stump of the old Liblar line to Dernauhoch and the villages it serves have safe all year access to the valley route and thus to
Remagen and beyond. The frequency of trains around Ahrtalzweibrück is much greater than it ever has been, there are even
rumours that the Kreuzberg tunnel will soon be surveyed, perhaps reopened and the line past Zweibrück reinstated perhaps
as far as the original 1888 Adenau terminus!


Stormy On Tess [EM]  Toni Armitage
This award winning layout has been featured in British Railway Modelling (September 2000) and is still
available for local shows. They layout is a little bit of fun as a first layout being built by a female who had
never built one before from scratch. It is small enough to fit in a car and had to be able to be run by one
person. Although fun it is a serious layout which can change eras, and the scenery changes each time it
goes to a new venue over the years the spotters' still have to look for each item on the list giving
entertainment to visitors of all ages. Totally fictions it depicts the end of a line station halt with a few
passengers from the military base to coal and livestock trade. With small stock for a small layout it shows
what can be achieved in a small space.... by a woman.... 


Pucklechurch [7mm]  - David Smith
Is based on a former Midland Railway branch on the Gloucestershire/Somerset border around 1960
which has become part or the Western region of British Railways. The layout features both ex-GWR
& LMS locos working a variety of typical branch services

Priory Road [7mm]  - Peter Morrison
A first effort in 7mm and built to prove the practicality of a minimum space layout in 7mm.
Based (very) loosely on GW practice and set "somewhere in rural Shropshire". All stock is kit-built.
Track is from C & L components and baseboards are from B & Q oddments