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Redwood Lumber - On30 US Pacific Coast Logging Line.
It is the 1940’s and a hot summer’s day. The Redwood Logging Company continues its operations to fell timber in the high country North of San Diego and bring it down to the coastal sawmill to be processed into lumber. The site is located by a creek but it isn't navigable by ships and the finished
lumber has to be transported by rail to the nearest port. Consequently, there is constant activity as the RLC's Shays and Climax bring tree trunks into the camp, and take staked planks away. There is also other activity in the shape of goods and equipment being moved via a loading dock, where local
businesses can bring andcollect deliveries. Mail is also brought into the remote area by rail for collection from the small depot. Passenger traffic is sparse, but some workers at the camp are brought and taken home by train each day. Much of the equipment is second-hand and is starting to show its age, some
of the cars still displaying traces of their former owners The layout is 9 feet long and 18" wide, with a folding fiddle yard to the rear. It was originally build by Roger Nicholls from Wakefield MRC and was purchased by its current owner in 2012. It has a new LED lighting gantry, revised fiddle yard arrangements and new locomotives. The rolling stock is mostly Bachmann, weathered appropriately,and the layout now features DCC sound



Ravensbeck [7mm]
A pre-group North-Eastern Railway layout, depicting the East Coast Main Line somewhere north of Harrogate in
about 1905.  The layout forms a circuit with an extensive fiddle yard to the rear, and in scenically modelled to a
high standard.  This layout is available on Open Days to run members' and visitors' stock



Coverdale [7mm] 
Coverdale is a small independent layout but can be joined with Ravensbeck to increase the scenic section.
Had the early railway companies had their way, there would have been a line from Colne to Teeside, via
Wharfedale and Coverdale. This layout supposes that these early proposals were successful and that the
line was built. Modelled in the early 1900's, the layout runs Midland, L&Y and North-Eastern stock
Built a few years ago the layout is now undergoing a redesign and refurbishment to bring it into the 21st
Century. This layout is progressing well and the buildings are being inserted it wont be long before this
layout will be finished if they ever are ? Any one wishing to have a try with 7mm will be welcomed by the
team taking up this challenge to assist with this upgrade - please come along to the club and have a look



Hope Street - [7mm]
A new, compact NE pre-group layout featuring exquisite fine detailed scenic modelling, "dead rail" and remote control locos.
This small layout contains such a large amount of detail yet does not look over crowded

Water Street Sidings [7mm]
Again pre-group, layout (9'x1'9") demonstrates that you don't need to have
enormous amounts of space to model in 0 gauge!

The detail draws the eye into this 8ft x 10in layout   

Hellifield Shed [7mm]

Hellifield Shed is based in 1930's - 1960's. The trackplan is authentic (if truncated a little) and features
the shed, turntable and coaling stage.  Hellifield is used to showcase the locomotive builder's skills. Now being converted to DCC
Featured in British RailwayModelling, the layout measures 25' x 4' 6" 
For more information contact Peter Tennant


Echoes of the Blck Canyon[On30]
Colorado finescale On3 with thunder and lightening sound/light effects.  The layout now needs new fiddle yards
building and wiring for DCC.  Interested parties please contact Club Chairman Charles Oldroyd