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Cyril Street - Hornby Doublo 3 Rail
This layout is based on C J Freezer's Minories track plan made of retro Hornby Doublo. This layout has increased in size in a short period of time. It now includes a turn table, and loop section, a signal box and goods shed
Below you can see the layout track in place on the new section, and just some of the vintage engines available to run. Showing that you don't need modern equipment to have fun, everything is second hand


(EM) 18.2mm ~ Noname Junction - New layout 

The EM group have started a new layout. The boards are built, track is planned. Pictures will follow shortly or come along to the open day to have a look at the new mystery layout

Shipley [00]
Back in 1974 when the club was formed one of our founder members, Harold Williamson, was keen to build a model of Shipley. This seemed a good idea at the time and he went about recruiting a team of fellow enthusiasts to help with the project. This is a large (35'x18') 00 layout, depicting the Shipley triangle using a 1936 trackplan.  The group operates a wide range and variety of proprietary rolling stock and is currently working on the scenery




Cowgill - North of Leeds - EM A circular layout based on the Settle-Carlisle in steam/green diesel days. Originally built as a home layout it has now been converted to an exhibition layout. After extensive work it is now a working layout with full scenic's and running capacity from the area. Based on Dent station set on a curve running 1950's - 1970's stock for a varied running experience.  Anyone interested in the Settle - Carlisle or EM or would like to join in please visit the clubrooms. You will be welcome! The layout can be seen in September 2014 issue of Railway Modeller 

Before                                                                 After                                                              After