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Keighley Model Railway Club 43rd Exhibition
Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th March 2018

Just in case you need the correct address it is:-
University Academy Keighley
Green Head Road
BD20 6EB

Dolores - Sn3 (3/16in:1ft, 9/16in Gauge) - Skipton & District Railway Society.
The township of Dolores was on the 3ft gauge Rio Grande Southern Railroad in Colorado. Dolores was a source of lumber, cattle, sheep and vegetable traffic. The layout depicts the township around 1946. Before and during the building of the layout several visits were made by club members to Dolores to photograph, draw and measure as many existing buildings as possible, and to visit and talk to local residents. The layout's backscene was produced from photographs of the mesas behind Dolores, taken by a club member and the buildings are prototypical; many of them remain in situ around the township even to this day


Millhead Junction - 00 Gauge - Pendle Forest M.R.S.
"Millhead Junction" is a fully scenicfied and discreetly lit model with no fiddle yard. the name Millhead Junction was inspired by a small village call Millhead which was nestled beside a station at the western end of Carnforth station. After 40 years of modelling they have finally achieved their objective of building a layout which offers a taste of their extensive 00 gauge static model "Hornby Central" which has twice been featured in "Railway Modeller". This gives a clear indication of the standard of their modelling. With a choice of over 40 locomotives from the Fowler, Stanier and Riddles stables with a smattering of Gresley and rakes of Pullman stock visitors will enjoy. The layout is designed for long, uninterrupted running on a double circular track, with an inclined branch line demonstrating push-pull and railbus services

Thomas Layout - 00 Gauge - Pendle Forest M.R.S.

Ecclesford Junction - 00 Gauge - Pendle Forest M.R.S.
Ecclesford is a typical but fictional North-West town in the period from 1990 - present day. Originally built as a junction, the station was altered when the junction disappeared and the former branch line track bed is now used by a narrow gauge tourist line. The main line sees a good deal of action featuring the colourful liveries of modern trains. The buildings are mostly based on local structures - the main station building is based on the Greyhound Hotel in Brierfield, most are fitted with internal lighting - in addition there are working street lighting and crossing barriers, a roller shutter door and many animated scenes including spooky activities in the church crypt or wander down main street and watch the working televisions - both black & white AND colour


The Mill - EM Gauge - Jason Thomas, Bingley.
"The Mill" depicts part of an industrial network serving a paper mill in the West Riding. It was build as an entry for the EM Gauge Society 60th Anniversary, to build a fully operational layout within dimensions of 60" by 18.2" (it won)
The track is constructed mainly using PCB and is all inset, all the locos and rolling stock being build from kits specially for the layout. The buildings are all scratch-built using shells of mounting board and clad with various embossed plastic sheets


St George's Dock - 0 Gauge - Alan Gray, Gateshead.
In 1935 men had to queue up early to see if they could get work for the day. there was not so much employment to be had and it was hard, dirty and heavy work unloading ships by hand or labouring in the dry dock. Life was rough and uncomfortable. Food and housing was a challenge and this is what is depicted in my layout. It was inspired by an old photograph of a steam trawler in dry dock. the old Victorian warehouse is a cardboard kit, with other buildings and track work scratch built. Ships are made from a variety of materials, Locos are kits or scratch built with tramcars running up and down the street. The layout hopefully show the run-down conditions of things in the 1930's depression

Basin Street - 00 Gauge - Neil Porter & Graham Wilson, Hedon, East Yorkshire.
"Basin Street" is supposed to represent a goods warehouse originally built by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway somewhere on the Eastern edge of the West Riding of Yorkshire and a canal basin absorbed into the North Eastern Railway, which is rail served. Both railway companies built their lines in total isolation of each other and unless a marshalling yard is imagined to exist off-scene the two never came together. The date is April 20th 1954, British Railways is six years old, it is raining and not particularly warm. a young Queen Elizabeth was crowned the previous year, rationing has finally ended and Great Britain is starting to become prosperous again. BR has published The Modernisation Plan. The track is S M P Scaleway hand built to suit the locations along with the inset track in the canal interchange yard. The two estuarial barges are scratch built from original drawings. There is so much scenic detail on this layout that it needs to be seen for the effort and work that has gone into it


Coverdale - O Gauge - K.M.R.C - 7mm Group
Coverdale is a small independent layout but can be joined with Ravensbeck to increase the scenic section.
Had the early railway companies had their way, there would have been a line from Colne to Teeside, via
Wharfedale and Coverdale. This layout supposes that these early proposals were successful and that the
line was built. Modelled in the early 1900's, the layout runs Midland, L&Y and North-Eastern stock.
Built a few years ago the layout is now undergoing a redesign and refurbishment to bring it into the 21st
Century. This layout is progressing well and the buildings are being inserted it wont be long before this
layout will be finished if they ever are? Any one wishing to have a try with 7mm will be welcomed by the
team taking up this challenge to assist with this upgrade - please come along to the club and have a look

G Scale Railway - K.M.R.C - G Scale Group
Once or twice a year the G Scale Group put together a model railway display using whatever spare track is available between our members. Each time that we do this a unique layout rises from the embers of our last event. Once track is laid the layout is dressed with buildings. G scale group members supply the locomotives and rolling stock, so items on display vary from scratchbuilt to straight out of the box. The variety of stock depends on which members of the group are available to help out on the day. Where possible we do allow older children to operate a locomotive on the layout. However, many items are irreplaceable and despite the size are easily damaged. So the opportunity to try your hand at driving a locomotive is at the discretion of the layout operators on the day. As a G scale group we are a gathering of like-minded individuals and welcome new members

Greenbrier Junction - HO - Bob Harper - M.M.R.S
The layout is based in the Appalachian region of the mid/South eastern region of the USA and set in the "transition era"- which, in America, means the early 1950's. Therefore both steam and diesel locomotives can be used. Not only does this give us additional operational interest, it means we ca have the fascinating apparatus that goes into a steam loco servicing point! This is coal country with a variety of railroads serving the region, so as two of the main stock-providing members have rolling stock for both the Western Maryland and Chesapeake & Ohio railroads, a location was chosen where these two roads could meet. "Greenbrier Junction" is just such a place although we have only used the name rather than coping any actual track plans. What we wanted to do instead was to try to capture the feel of the place and also have something we could enjoy operating trains on, which would pretty much always have something moving. This in turn should keep the visitors entertained and hopefully enlightened

High Stamley - 009 - Hull M.R.C.
It has long been known that a good granite outcrop existed in the hills above Stamley, but with no proper transport it could only be worked in a small way for local use. The coming of the Roth Valley Tramway's Ramton extension changed this and a short branch line was soon put in from Stamley station. great things were expected, but with the First World War draining off the quarrymen, then the great depression, somehow the quarry never really seemed to get going. By the period of the model, around 1935, only small amounts of road stone and paving stones are being produced. Buses now run to High Stamley and lorries can been seen in the valley, it looks like time is almost up for this little branch line. It will carry on for now, so you can watch the odd wagons going to and fro up the steep incline to the quarry, whilst small trains continue up and down the valley to the main line.  Don't leave it too long - soon it will be silent as the quarry company has ordered a lorry!

Bad Teiming - N gauge - Barnsley M.R.C.
"Bad Teiming" is Barnsley Model Railway Club's large continental N Gauge layout. It is based in Germany, but stock from all over Europe can be seen. the layout features two double-track main lines, one of which is electrified. They meet at Bad Teiming station which is sited at one end of he layout and as the trains leave the scenery becomes more scenic before the two pairs of lines disappear from view into the tunnels and enter the fiddle yard. They re-appear back at the station throat at "Bad Teiming" and prepare for a further circuit of the layout


Martini Junction - N Gauge - Chris Berry - Hull M.R.S
This layout started out as a way of increasing the skills of the newer members of our club, using materials salvaged from a previous layout that the club had built. After completing building the scenic boards it was decided to construct a complete circuit by the addition of a fiddle yard at the rear with storage for 27 trains. It was first exhibited at our own club show with reasonable success, but it was felt that some of the salvaged trackwork should be replaced and re-aligned before the next outing. Magnets were added under the track to allow auto coupling giving additional interest by enabling some shunting operations in the goods yard
The layout also has to host all of our club members' stock, ranging from pre-war to modern era. For this reason the layout itself does not purport to be in any particular period and time wise is deliberately constructed to be rather vague
for a considerable time whilst building the layout we could not think of a suitable name - and then it came to us - in the words of an old television advert, any time, any place, anywhere, it's the bright one, it's the right one - its Martini

Broadhurst Works - O Gauge - Martin Elson - Kendal M.R.C.
This layout represents a small industrial works with its own railway connection. The line to which it connects has been taken over by a preserved railway, which uses the railway sidings in the works for its own purposes. For this reason wagons in almost any livery can be seen being shunted in the works. In addition the preserved railways' diesel refuelling point is in the yard and a selection of diesel locos can on occasion call to refuel. There are often demonstrations of rope shunting carried out using the two wagon turntables and capstans to move wagons around the yard

Cyril Street - Hornby Doublo
This layout is based on C J Freezer's Minories track plan made of retro Hornby Doublo. This layout is attending the Exhibition

Live Steam Ride on Railway - Keighley & District Model Engineering Society
Some of the Society's locomotives will be running on their outdoor portable track

Live Steam Traction Engines

Traders Attending
Uncommon Kits - 0 gauge kits and custom made machine parts
Squires Model & Craft Tools - Wide range of tools & materials for model making
Bricks 4 Kidz - Lego sets - just add imagination
Buzz Models - specialist suppliers of kits & bits in N & O Gauge
B H Enterprises - Long established business familiar to all N gauge modellers
DIY Solutions - The local shop for all your tooling  & material requirements 
Going Loco - Large Wakefield retail shop stocking New and good quality second hand items
Model Railway - Manufacturer's of top quality laser cut detailing kits in 00, N & 0 gauge
Model Roads & Tramways - suppliers of a wide range of die-cast model buses, trams & railway items
GFB Designs - manufacture electronic layout control products
Crafty Hobbies - Cumbrian Model Shop supplying major loco's & rolling stock + 2nd hand loco's available
Grosmont Bookshop - New + 2nd hand railway & bus/tram titles and DVD's
The Collectors Old Toyshop - Hornby 0 & 00, all makes of old trains, early German tinplate toys, Diecast toys & Dinky toys 
Modelit Ltd - Meccano parts, lights, signals, turntables (electric & manual) for peco turntables
Something Sweet - Traditional sweet shop - mmmmm


K.M.R.C EM Group
the club's EM group will be demonstrating their excellent painting and modelling techniques

Keighley Plastic Model Club
Our friends from Keighley plastic model club are here to help you  get the best results when building models in plastic. They will be demonstrating building techniques and "tricks of the trade" to ensure you get the best results from your efforts. They will be also be able to help you build your own kit which you  can complete at home. The traders dotted around the exhibition hall will be able to supply you with all the tools and materials you need

3D Programming, Design and Printing
Bob Gledhill will have a production line set up to show you how easy it is to set up and use this most modern of technologies for the production of all manner of parts and buildings suitable for use on your model railway. Of interest to any model maker, craftsperson and computer fan with an interest ranging from engineering to home-made toys and jewellery

UK Train Sim
This is the computer-based branch of the hobby. Whole railway routes can be "simulated" and trains are driven along them.......

      Come and meet the fat controller at 
                     KMRC Exhibition