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Smaller Scales Festival 2015
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Smaller Scales Festival 2015
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Sunday 12th July 2015


Sunday 12th July, was the first of and hopefully not the last of a Small Gauge Festival, despite the good weather the day was well attended in both visitors and layouts with 6 N, 1 EM, 1 TT/3mm, 1 ON30 gauges completed


Still under construction but on display and will be well worth a visit next year to see 4 N, 1 N/2mm fine, 1 HO American and 1 Narrow Gauge hopefully all will be completed, other completed layouts will be on display


Refreshments by the First Haworth Brownies, was well supported and the proceeds going towards equipment for that group

 Traders had no complaints and all are willing to come back next year

 Your Support is Needed






Redwood Lumber - On30 US Pacific Coast Logging Line

It is the 1940’s and a hot summer’s day. The Redwood Logging Company continues its operations to fell timber in the
high country North of San Diego and bring it down to the coastal sawmill to be processed into lumber. The site is
located by a creek but it isn't navigable by ships and the finished lumber has to be transported by rail
to the nearest port. Consequently, there is constant activity as the RLC's Shays and Climax bring tree
trunks into the camp, and take staked planks away. There is also other activity in the shape of goods
and equipment being moved via a loading dock, where local businesses can bring and collect deliveries.
Mail is also brought into the remote area by rail for collection from the small depot. Passenger traffic is
sparse, but some workers at the camp are brought and taken home by train each day. Much of the
equipment is second-hand and is starting to show its age, some of the cars still displaying traces of
their former owners The layout is 9 feet long and 18" wide, with a folding fiddle yard to the rear.
It was originally build by Roger Nicholls from Wakefield MRC and was purchased by its current
owner in 2012. It has a new LED lighting gantry, revised fiddle yard arrangements and new locomotives.
The rolling stock is mostly Bachmann, weathered appropriately, and the layout now features DCC sound


Oxenhope - (2mm)
This layout is being built with 2mm off the shelf track and is a first build. Using the Midland track plan of
Oxenhope station it contains lots of features. If you have any pictures or information please contact the club...


Lightcliffe (2mm Finescale)
2mm Finescale - Members of the 2mm Finescale Society have moved a partially-built layout into the club to finish off.
If you are also a fugitive watchmaker, they'd love to hear from you



North American Model Rail Roading - HO
This is a new layout being developed to represent the Railroads of Mid and Southern States of America. As the layout
progresses it will have a second tier including factories and small township


Shirebrook (2mm)
Shirebrook is a town in the Bolsover District of north-east Derbyshire on the border with Nottinghamshire.
At the 2011 Census it had a population of 10,412. Quite a small settlement that once boasted three stations.
The last remaining station was on the LMS route from Nottingham to Worksop via Mansfield, and was
originally known as Shirebrook West, despite being on the eastern edge of the town. The route lost its
passenger services in October 1964, but the line remained opened as a goods route, Shirebrook being
situated in the heart of the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire coalfields. On the site of the goods yard a
diesel locomotive maintenance and fuelling depot was opened in the mid 1960s. The station was re-opened
in 1998 for the new Robin Hood Line services from Nottingham to Worksop, which may soon be extended to
Ollerton to the east. WH Davis, a wagon repair and manufacturing business have a rail link with the main line.
The main employer was the National Coal Board (NCB) there being several collieries within a few miles including
Warsop Main, Welbeck, Clipstone, Cresswell and, of course, Shirebrook itself



Japanese (2mm)
“Ikuno” is N gauge layout representing an imaginary junction station somewhere in the Japanese countryside -
a suitable setting for a variety of modern day Japanese diesel railcars, limited-express diesel trains, some
freight, and the occasional steam or tourist special.  A single track mainline circles the layout, and a  branch
line winds its way up from front to back. In Japan N gauge is the most popular size for model trains and there
is a huge variety of stock available for the modeller.  The islands of Hokkaido in the north of Japan, and Kyushu
in the south-west have a lots of interesting diesel stock, and it some of these that will be on display and running
on the layout..   Buildings are models, or adaptations of models from Japanese manufacturers, plus a couple of
scratchbuilt items.  The base of the layout is constructed from lightweight building materials – a framework of
plastic drain pipes supporting a surface made from a plastic roofing sheet, and  plasticard added for detail. 
The whole is 2m50 by 70cms and comes in two sections for ease of transportation



Wandedorf (2mm)
German Layout set in the 1930's...
Wandedorf is a fictitious branch terminus set in the foothills of the Bavarian Alps. It was originally a through
station, but a number of landslides and a tunnel collapse have meant that the line has been closed beyond
this station. The layout is set in the early 1930's, a period when Bavaria still had some autonomy over the
livery of its loco's and rolling stock, but the new State Railway livery was slowly being introduced.
The loco's and rolling stock are a mixture of Fleischmann, Minitrix and Arnold. Trackwork is all Fleischmann
and the buildings are all Faller kits. the scenic dressings are mainly Greenscene, the trees are The Model
Tree Shop and Ceynix products. All the figures are a mixture of Preiser, Langley and Noch 


Upton Snodsbury (2mm)
Is a fictional junction connecting a GWR (ex) branch line to the LMS (ex) mainline. Now British rail and
dated anywhere between 1961 and 1968 – you choose!! The village of Upton Snodsbury does actually
exist with much of the same detail modelled and is located in the Midlands just South of Worcester.

 The town never actually had a railway, hence I am able to use some ex GWR stock along with ex LMS – poetic licence
prevails!! As you will note a busy little station with some freight facility and prototypical of the period mentioned
i.e. early to late 1960’s

Shipley [00]
Back in 1974 when the club was formed one of our founder members, Harold Williamson, was keen to build a model of
Shipley. This seemed a good idea at the time and he went about recruiting a team of fellow enthusiasts to help with the
project. This is a large (35'x18') 00 layout, depicting the Shipley triangle using a 1936 trackplan.  The group operates a
wide range and variety of proprietary rolling stock and is currently working on the scenery


Cowgill - North of Leeds - EM
A circular layout based on the Settle-Carlisle in steam/green diesel days. Originally built as a home layout it is now being
converted to an exhibition layout. The fiddle yard is now re-wired and ready. We are now moving onto the main scenic
setions to replace the electrics - then it will be scenery replanting. Anyone interested in the Settle - Carlisle or EM or would
like to join in please visit the clubrooms. You will be welcome! Appeared in the September 2014 issue of Railway Modeller


Wrose Village [7mm Narrow Gauge] 

This layout is under going a transformation at the present time, the track is now laid and just the scenery needs finishing

Demonstration Stands
Tree making demonstration

C & L Point making demonstration in situe